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The process starts with RO stage. RO water is spiked with raw water to alter TDS reading. The volume added depends on a nut -TDS Controller. The more you open the more raw water is added. It is for raw water with a TDS < 300 ppm. Beyond 300 it is useless and kept closed.


When TDS Control is Open

Below 300, TDS is open. And purified water is contaminated. Purportedly UV is used to fix this contamination. If the UV is flawless it can work on microbes. But it is ineffective against any chemicals that escape RO filtration. As their make up is unknown you may be piling up the wrong chemicals with every drop you consume. A Dangerous situation. So It is Purify>Pollute>Purify. RO+TDS+UV.

You can see. If TDS is open, there is no double purification. And a danger of toxins building up in your body.


When TDS Control is Closed

If it is closed there is no mineralization. Just “Di-Hydrogen Oxide”(H O)-the molecular 2 skeleton of water. Your body robbed of nutrients in water. Again a dangerous situation. It is a catch 22 situation.

Mind you. You are not the only one. Even your family is in this too.

Is this really what you want for your family?

There is no telling what minerals are being added. Nor Mineralization. Do you trust your health with such systems?


Probably not.