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First-Pass Nutrimins - offers you never before goodness including Vitamins with Japanese technology.


Boron: Skeletal System (Healthy Bones)

Calcium: Enzymes, Skeletal Systems and Cardiac Health

Chromium: Controls Blood Sugar

Cobalt: Increases Enzymes, Reproductive System, Red Blood Cells, Hormones, Immune System

Fluoride: Protects against Tooth decay, Healthy Bones

Iodine: Regulates thyroid hormones

Iron: Red Blood Cells, Enzymes, Immune System, Hormones

Magnesium: Enzymes, Energy, Hormones Regulation, Reproductive System, Digestive System and Skeletal System

Molybdenum: Normal Growth & Development

Nickel: Enzymes, Hormones

Phosphorus: Skeletal System, Increased Energy, Reproductive System

Potassium: Enzymes, Reproductive System

Selenium: Immune System, Antioxidant Enzymes

Silicon: Healthy Bones

Zinc: Immune System, Enzymes, Hormones, Reproductive System and Skeletal System

Vitamin B12: is a nutrient that helps keep the body's nerve and blood cells healthy and helps make DNA in all cells.


Securex - Improves the mileage of your membrane


Atom Nutrient RO now with Securex technology- increases the mileage of your RO membrane. Your reverse osmosis membrane takes on the might of the pollutants with its delicate surface. It is constantly bombarded, and corroded with damaging results. Now Securex weakens the attackers by disintegrating them. So they will not damage the surface of the membrane. It takes the rough with the smooth. Increasing its mileage.