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Before we started, we analyzed all the purifiers in the market. Took them apart. Put them under scanning. None measured up in terms of technology or quality. Even the so called leaders. None has the best purity. Or contaminant free hydropaths. All resorting to low quality components to increase service revenues.

Year after year. This set the benchmark for our purifiers. We went onto create purifiers that outperform. The highest purity. Contaminant free hydropaths. High quality components to reduce maintenance. We did not stop here. We added a lot more. We created Nutrient RO range with Nutriplex technology. To enhance and fortify your health.

We claim that there is nothing in the market to beat Atom Nutrient RO with Nutriplex technology.


It is a fusion of Purification Processes, Post Purification Conditioning of water and Device Engineering. So you do not just get pure water but healthy water too. Also a system low on maintenance and a world of safety features.


Simply. There is no alternative. With such benefits. As offered by Nutrient RO. It is not RO+TDS+UV system. No false claims of double purification or mineralization


Consuming a fraction of the power consumed by the sensors in other purifiers-protects and prolongs their life.


Inbuilt onboard computer algorithms- synchronize various functions of the system for optimum performance


Two separate controllers available for customizing the system for your local water conditions and your personal preferences.


Nutriplex is Nutrient Complex. A fusion of synergistic technologies-Nutrium, Nutrix, Nutrino, Nutrion, Nutrimin and Purepass. Nutriplex completely treats water for purity and health like no other. Like never before.

Coming from Atom- the pioneers of microsensing and digipower. It purifies water once. Using the latest membrane technology. And purifies one more time. One more membrane.

No TDS control. Hence, no secondary contamination. Now water is fully purified and ready for further processing.

Nutrimin Stage. Where prescribed and actual Bioceramic minerals are added. Yes. Prescribed and actual. It is just not raw water but prescribed minerals. All of them.

From then on Nutriplex technology takes over. Subjecting water to an array of treatment processes. Some redox dangerous unpaired electrons from damaging the DNA. Some adjust the size of the water molecules for good hydration and better absorption. Some ionic concentration for optimum chemical balance. In all, you get water that adds to your health.

What's more! You have not just one. But two- independent modulators : one for minerals and the other for the chemical balance. To customize your Atom to your conditions and preferences.

The best of technology is not good enough unless it is low on maintenance. Atom Digipower is green and highly efficient, Micosensing makes the delicate sensors long lasting. Early detection of faults by the on board Computer prevents further damage.


Industry leading performance with stabilized salt rejection of more than 99%, twin leaf design for compact size


Proven for purity without the risk of secondary contamination builds healthy water from ground up. Better than RO, UV type filters.


Bioceramic nano minerals like Ca,Mg,K,Na added in a hygienic and patent process for the fortification of health.


Neutralizes - health affecting free radicals which cause diabetes, cancer, hypertension. Also aging.


4-6 Molecules at 50NMR-Nutrinoes hydrate the body and help in metabolism. Smaller the size better the absorption.


Alkalizes acidic water from RO, maintains pH at healthy levels, Detoxifies, promotes general well being by nutrition.


Fights Aging, Improves Cardio circulation, Boosts immunity, Reduces weight, Shoots up metabolism, Hydrates the body, Optimizes pH, Detoxifies, Fights inflammation, Relieves pain in muscles and joints, Controls Cholesterol & Blood Sugar, Mineralizes your body, Cleanses acidic wastes & uric acid and Neutralizes free radicals.

Nutrient RO is now more advanced with First-Pass Nutrimins & Securex Readmore